Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fave New Five: Candleholders

Welcome back to another installment of our fave new five series! This week we're highlighting the latest additions to our candleholder category. We're big fans of having candles on every tablescape, and these will give people more options. Depending on how you combine these candleholders with different elements, they'll evoke different aesthetics, from rustic to classic to romantic.

These wood pillar holders will add height to your tablescape. We picture them in woodsy-feeling green, amber, and brown centerpieces like this, but they will blend with any color scheme. You can rent them for $3 each, or $7.50 for all three!

We've nicknamed this wire candleabra "Steampunk Lumière" due to his industrial edge. The votives are removable so you can customize the look of this piece. He would be a great accent on a head table or buffet. He's one-of-a-kind, but that won't stop us from searching for more on our shopping expeditions! Rent him for $3!

These were a custom search item sourced for our July bride Anna, and we couldn't be any happier that she wanted them for her big day, because they're a great addition to our inventory! The champagne color is classic, yet chameleonic--it'll work with almost any palette. We're dying to pair them with emerald, aqua, or scarlet. And these puppies are so easy to clean candle residue out of! They rent for $1 each and we have 55 of them.

Oh, beautiful lacy votives--you so would be #1, if only we had more of you! There are just two of these lovelies in our inventory so far, as they're the only ones we've ever found on our shopping trips. The lace pattern is actually printed onto the glass. Here's hoping that we find more! They rent for $1.50 each.

This last one may seem a little strange, but trust us! These 1950's kitchen staples are so great as votive holders. (We also repurpose them around the office to hold pushpins, paper clips, and other little bits). They're just a touch whimsical, they have a gorgeous scalloped shape, and they look right at home in rustic centerpieces, but also play nice with more classic pieces like our clear striped votives (see the picture below for proof!)

Plus, when you remove the melted candle from inside, it's in the cutest scalloped shape with "Jell-O" stamped on its bottom! And no need to worry about the heat on the metal--when we cleaned up the shower where we used these, the tin votives were cooler to the touch than the glass ones! We have 37 of these renting for $0.75 each. And be sure to check out their cousins, the tin heart molds!

Stay tuned for more of our favorite finds!

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