Friday, July 20, 2012

Fab Finds Friday: Antiquing Roadtrip

At the end of June, I road tripped with two friends and my husband Ryan down to Shreveport, Louisiana, where my friend Anna will be living next year! We wanted to check out her new home and celebrate her birthday in true Southern style. Of course spending time with my friends was the number one priority, but as with any vacation, I was also excited to eat local foods and of course hit up some local stores!
My two road trip companions, Anna and Ashley, are thankfully into antiquing, so it wasn't hard to convince them to stop in many antique malls along the way down and back.
Our first pit stop was actually a happy accident--we pulled off to gas up and take a restroom break and noticed a cute little store called "Grandma's Attic" nestled next to the gas station, so we went to check it out.
I loved how each booth was separated by chicken wire walls--they functioned as easy dividers and sellers could use them to hang items! Megan and I have chicken wire frames on our to-make list. They are great for displaying photos or holding escort cards!
One of my purchases was this bluish-green chicken. As a treasure hunter, I see clear, sage green, and milk glass versions of this guy all the time, but I'd never seen one that was this sort of emerald-y color, and I was smitten!
A pair of these green goblets also made it back home with me. At the time, our collection of green glassware was lacking, and the price was right, so I snatched them up. We've definitely remedied the green glass shortage now, as you can see from our inventory.
I snapped the above picture to showcase those cute little tins. I also like the small scale in the left of the photo. And isn't Colonel Sanders just fabulous? (Kidding, kidding).
After having such luck on our spontaneous stop on the way down, we decided to check out a few stores in Shreveport, and we plotted a full-on antiquing road trip for our way back!
I was really take by these two globes, particularly the white one because I loved its color. The coolest part about them is that they have Russia labeled as the USSR and show a divided Germany because the Berlin Wall was still up. Since we'd recently acquired a globe for our inventory (and these were a bit pricy), I passed on both.
Oh, sweet glassware! You look so pretty! I just took this picture to show how lovely the clustered goblets look. Using a lot of one thing can make a big impact on an event, even if they're spread around the room and not grouped like this. Imagine how good a cluster of clear vases or compotes would look as a centerpiece!
I loved these pink goblets, but not their price. I'd like to add some more pink to our colored glassware collection.
More clear glassware! I love the idea of having a large cake buffet and using different sizes, shapes, and styles of clear or milk glass cake stands to display your desserts.
It's not everyone's style (and antique furniture shouldn't always be painted, especially if the wood's in good condition), but I liked this little blue desk! Obviously it can function as furniture for everyday life, but at an event a piece like this could also shine. I see it as a dessert or drink stand or a cute guest book table!
There was a great collection of soda bottles at one store. We'd previously scored a ton (45!) of assorted Vess soda bottles from a Craigslist seller, plus we had a 7-Up bottle and two Dr. Peppers, so I knew a bottle would really have to blow me away to end up in my cart. Lo and behold, this one did:
A heart with "KC" in the middle made by Love Bottling Co.? Seriously? Brides in the Kansas City area should love this guy! I know I do!
I was also drawn to light blue depression glass on this trip. I'd never actually seen any before and didn't know they'd made pieces in blue (just pink, yellow, and green). Maybe it's a regional thing, and for some reason the blue pieces are distributed more in the South? In any case, I found an adorable sugar and creamer set in the sweet blue shade!
I also get tickled when I'm shopping and I spy items we already have, particularly when we've scored them for less money than the seller is asking for them. (What can I say, I love a good deal!)
We actually have the two green pieces in the upper left of this photo--a large vase and a footed candy dish, except our candy dish still has its original lid, score!
I absolutely loved the look of these wooden library card catalog boxes. They're on our wish list! They make a great holder for escort cards, but can also function as a card box or just as a stand for vases to create a layered, collected look at your event. We currently have a gray metal catalog holder for rent.
In the photo below, I love the hand-painted signs (how cute would these look as garden decor, or in the kitchen?) They inspire me to get on it already and paint some more signs for rental!
We have a stack of wood, white paint, and some inspiration photos (below), so we just need to do it. I think a Wednesday Crafternoon post will be headed your way shortly...
I also love the stacked coca-cola crates at the bottom of the photo. I'd been eying coke crates for some time, and bought a red one in early June that rents for $5. It's the yellow one that's harder to find for a good price!
And here's what else I ended up with:
Overall, it was a successful road trip in many ways--we had fun exploring Anna's new home, and we all scored some awesome treasures!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Color Palettes: Red, White and Blue

Happy Merry Yay for Independence day!  I hope you're enjoying time with your friends and family.  This holiday is one of my faves since we celebrate with FIREWORKS!  As kids, our family had our own methods of getting to see the best fireworks displays.  We would go to parking lots and backroads with high ground, in position to see multiple shows from one vantage point.  Plus, we didn't have to fight traffic to get back home.  Pretty smart, eh?  In honor of the fourth and our flag, we've collected lovely color combos of red, white and blues.


When I look at these wedding shots, I wonder if the couple owns the turquoise Volkswagen van and used it as inspiration.  I can't be sure, but the pictures and the couple are adorable!  The van and the balloons are playful touches that look great in these cheerful colors.


This is my own master bedroom.  We bought the mirror at Pier 1.  The dimensions are just right for the vanity.  The red and blue color combo also compliments the nautical paintings and photographs we have in our master bedroom.  Best yet, we waited to buy until it went on clearance.  I love a good deal!


Overall, I have modern style, but there is something about a table with a chippy paint job that makes me want to move into a shabby chic cottage.  I love the character of the carved legs.  The rug pulls the colors of the mismatched chairs together.


I am digging the eclectic style of these patterned stairs.  I might try this out when we eventually tackle our unfinished basement.  I'd probably simplify the look by using one pattern.


Who doesn't love built ins?  I like how the arch on the top shelf echoes the shape of the headboard.


This is a great example of using shades outside of the standard red, white and blue.


This is a beautiful reception that uses a red-orange shade along with a bright blue.  I would have added a few colored lanterns to get more of the lovely combo throughout the space.


Is it weird that part of me that wants to correct the lack of capitalization on the banner??  I guess it's the teacher in me.  Other than that...the giant pinwheels are super cute for this first birthday.  Brittany and I need to try our hand at making some of these.


This is another boy's b-day.  That pretty blue suitcase reminds me of a few beauties we've added to our inventory.  I am inspired by the ruler-like runner and I'd like to create my own version someday.  


I like the sweet birdhouses, but I would have moved more pieces to the ground to make the table functional.  Not sure how this table was used, but I'd expect more gifts than that middle shelf!


Our last inspiration shot uses the tried and true red, white and blue.  This photo shoot has a classic, retro vibe.

So don't feel like you have to save your patriotic colors for one day of the year.  Experiment with tones to keep it fresh and modern.  Now go back to watching fireworks!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vintage in Use: Escort Cards

Brittany came back from an estate sale with boxes full of unexpected items (She'll give you the big reveal of new inventory on Fab Finds Friday.)  Among them was a mattress spring from a crib.  The springs still have me dreaming up tablescapes, but one we'd already pinned as as escort card holder.

Mattress Springs:
Luggage tag cards attached with clothespins.

I did not use table assignments at my own wedding; Brittany did.  Preparing assignments does help ensure that guests can connect with people they already know, making them feel at ease.  My wedding and reception took place in the same space with a small number of guests.  Chairs were arranged in aisles for the wedding; after the ceremony, tables were brought in.  Escort cards weren't necessary because I could count on acquaintances mingling and grouping as the tables and chairs were being rearranged.    Brittany had more guests and two venues, so escort cards made sense to avoid the awkward task of choosing a seat.  Plus, it ensures that each seat is filled without breaking up couples or family groups.  It just depends on the size of the wedding, family history (read: avoid drama by separating them!), and the bride's preferences.

We have multiple inventory items suited for an escort card display.  Best of all they can add to the atmosphere and theme of the couple's big day, rather than just being a list in the entryway.

Escort card bunting would look cute hanging from mattress springs, an old frame, or luggage.

Library Card Holder:
Our card holder is gray.  Their green shade is the perfect fit for the color scheme.

Cards tucked into a bed of moss.

Luggage card tags are perfect fora travel theme.  The sign says "Your Final Destination is Here."

These escort cards double as a favor.  Guest find their card and get to keep the succulent plant.

Beautiful skeleton keys attached to escort cards.

Cards are folded and tucked into the slats.

Wooden boxes:
We have a variety of wooden crates.  Brands include Coca-cola, Vess Billion Bubble Beverages, Canada Dry. and milk crates. 

I like the mixture of wood finishes in this tablescape.

These escort cards were created to look like tickets at a baseball themed wedding.

I was so inspired by these shots that I stepped into the Craft Test Kitchen and made my own escort card creation.  

It uses 2 wooden votive holder boxes from our inventory.  I cut out scrapbook paper in the swallowtail shape and attached them to skewers.  I like this escort card option because it's compact, leaving room for your guest book, photographs, and the other touches greeting guests at your reception site.

I am linking up to a few parties.